The Urban Spartan – Sport Relief

What a great week to take it to the next level…

Finally got myself some new running shoes, Nike are my favourites it’s official. The minute I tried them on in the shop, they were so comfortable.

With renewed comfort on my feet I headed out the evening and for the first time in a while, I really enjoyed my 5k.

Wednesday and it was time to hit the Gym at 6am, haven’t been there in a while but it felt good to be the first in the morning to step back through those doors. Arms,back,legs,squats,pull ups and dips. I made an effort to lift really easy weights as I did not want any injury. Spent just under an hour at the Gym and walking out I felt great.

Thursday 5.30am and time to do a recon on some hill running,sprints, Burpees and any others high aerobic excercise. The purpose of this session was to work out a routine that would cover 5k and work on pushing my heart rate. Also I had an obstacle that I needed to overcome, “The Skater Ramp” there is a skate park near to where I run and on the morning of my recent wedding I had been out for a run with my boys, Darrell & Nathan. They had suggested we run up this very slippery,skate ramp as it would be good practice for what we had pictured being an obstacle in the Spartan Race.
They both did it after a few attempts but I could not, I think I was worried I might break something on the day of my wedding so that was my excuse.
So on Thursday, it was time to face my challenge, I had a mental block so on my first attempt I failed, next attempt was different, I focused on the top and went for it without fear and predictably got up it no sweat. This obstacle is now added to the Thursday run which includes all of the above. Come the late morning and my muscles are aching like hell, despite my easy gym session it still wasn’t easy enough and I was paying the price. I didn’t mind my muscles aching as I knew new ones were being forged.

Friday and time for a swim, the muscle ache has subsided a little and now was more in my back. I wasn’t sure how far I could swim in one go, so after a warm up length, off I went..I managed 10 lengths which is 500 metres. Its a start.

Saturday I rested and took a long hot shower to ease back ache which was still present.

Sunday morning and Sport Relief mile day, still a little sore but after some meditation I was feeling strong.

Jill and Aaron came along and knowing that my boys were doing this run in Colchester also motivated me.

45 of us lined up to do the 6 miles and off we went, I let all the others sprint off whilst I settled into a good pace, one by one I reeled them in. The course was 3 and a half laps around Gloucester Park and the Sporting Village. I was holding back most of the race as I was going to go all out on the last mile…however toward 5 mile we was waves into the stadium where the finish was, just one lap around the track and we was done, I finished 4th, just…sprinting to the line.

I was buzzing and felt amazingly strong…this is why events are so good. It was great to see my wife at the finish, I’m so glad she could make it.

So I collected my medal and that was my week, oh apart form the fact I had registered for the Spartan Beast in November along with my boys.

What a great week…can wait for the next one and “The Gauntlet” on Sunday, going to keep it light this week so I’m fresh for Sunday.

Let’s do this!!! Arrroooooooo!!!!!!


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One Response to The Urban Spartan – Sport Relief

  1. Great effort and glad you are signed up for the beast. Looking forward to meeting you in real life. Aroo!

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