The Urban Spartan – A New Spartan is Born

A new and amazing event has happened…A brand new life has come into the world, this life in the form of Harvey Alfred Terry Skipper, born on Sunday 8th April at 8:33 has just began his own journey, whatever path he takes, he will have a loving Mother & Father who will guide him along the way.Parents who will try and share some wisdom but will know that most lessons have to be learnt for yourself.

"A Spartan is Born" 8th April 2012

One thing that i will ensure he has and that is the belief from the earliest age is that anything is possible and life is for enjoying,appreciating. I will make sure as he gets older that he lives in gratitude for everything around him. I an help thinking how amazing it must be to be a baby, where everything you see, hear,touch and smell is new, everything is amazing as a child. As adults we lose this wonderment, we take things for granted and don’t always stop to appreciate the wonders, both large and small around us…

The last two weeks have been a rollerecoaster, my running has taken a back seat, due to more pressing matters, however my “Urban Spartan” values have come into play a few times, as I have said before I have committed myself to challenge whenever the opportunity arises, big or small I think its important to do this.

One example of this is cutting Harvey cord after he was born, this was something that was offered to me when my other  children were born and I never did it, I was something that I didn’t feel I could do. I mean what if the clippers were blunt, what if I couldn’t do it? this time when asked I immediately said NO, the second I said it I regretted the words.. ” errmm actually YES I will do it” i blurted to the nurse, “Are you sure?” she said, I was sure…No Fear. No this might seem a small thing to most but it has somewhat bothered me in the past, so anyway I did it..yes it was a little tricky, it was how I imagined it but I did it all the same.

Another challenge to overcome was giving an injection to my wife, again probably no big deal to anyone but for me the initial thought of having to give injections to my wife for the next 6 days was not a pleasant one. My fear here was that I could somehow visualise the feeling of being injected myself, however I knew that Jill would not want to do this herself, so I stepped up and did what needed to be done. Admittedly my stomach turned every time I had to inflict pain, even if somewhat minor, on my loved one but I did it..I overcame my fear.

As you have probably already noticed this is a somewhat different post but none the less it is relevant to being a Spartan and being strong. So may emotions have been felt over the last few weeks but a strong resolve exists at the root of my being to work hard and look after my family, even when I was tired, hungry and aching..I thought what my wife had just done, what she had achieved..bringing life into the world sure does take it out of you.

"My Wife -My Son - My Love"

I have managed to get in a few runs, some days I have even kept to my calories..

Jill has expressed a resolve to get fit & healthy, i think the realisation and scare of high blood pressure has hit home, like me she wants to be here…enjoy life and live life to the full. The journey she takes for this must be her own, I will support and advise when needed but I wont “nag” :-)

Jill’s resolve has given me even more motivation to lead by example. So after today, when the Easter eggs are finally gone, I can get back some discipline in my training and focus. I will continue with my journey, remembering why I started this.

Before I end this post, I want to again thank my beautiful wife for the gift of a Son, she is amazing,stong and an inspiration to me without even knowing it. x

Enjoy your life, live your life…with Respect & Honor. Arroooooo!!!!!!

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One Response to The Urban Spartan – A New Spartan is Born

  1. Great post mate. Like you say, we only get one chance at this thing called life so let’s make the most of it. With Easter and work coming out of my ears, I’ve well and truly fell off the ‘chariot’ but today brings a welcome kick start to my new regime. Life is about priority, the work will get done in the end and no one will die if it doesn’t get done when someones says it still should, but if ones health, goals and relationships suffer as a result of work, it’s time to get slapped in the face with a haddock and focus on what really matters. Family. Fitness. Fartleks!

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